Monday, 5 May 2014

Real Beauty

What really is beauty? Who decides what being beautiful really is? Is there really such thing as "Real Beauty" or is everybody beautiful in their own way?
What worries me is that when you type in "Beautiful Women" in on google, women plastered in makeup with provocative lingerie and big breasts come up. Is this what we should look like? The media truly has morphed our perception on what the average woman should look like.
The fact that day by day girls are starving themselves in order to obtain the "perfect" body image concerns me. The media indoctrinates us into thinking that we need to look like those "supermodels". It plays a huge role in how we perceive beauty. Images of female bodies are everywhere with women and girls, and their body parts, selling everything from food to cars. Popular actresses are becoming thinner, taller and younger. Women’s magazines are full of articles urging you to lose those last few pounds using their dietary plan, telling you that a remarkable change will be seen in your life if you do so.
The media makes us believe that external beauty and materialism are the most important things in this world. This "perfect image" of the woman simply does not exist when we analyse it from a physical way because EVERYONE has flaws. It's only natural. Beauty is only a supplement in a person. The personality, moral values and mainly the dignity and respect for oneself is what truly counts. The media does not realise how much damage is being caused to society by putting surreal women in their propaganda.
Next time you flick through a magazine, or watch TV and you want to look like a 'model' I want you to think. Just think. Is that what they really look like? Do you really want to look like that 'model' who has undergone several facial surgeries? That 'model' who has layers and layers of makeup on whose pictures have been edited using the latest editing software? 
Don't let the media feed you lies.