Monday, 19 January 2015

Give a little, Gain a lot.

Give a little, Gain a lot.
That is how I wish it were.
Put no effort, no time, no shot.
But still, give a little and gain a lot.

No motivation, whatsoever.
How your mind teases you. Clever.
You yearn to reach a certain destination,
But something stops you, perhaps a manmade creation.

Your thoughts unravel as time goes by
Telling you this and that. Why, oh why.
But before you realise, you've lost control,
Maybe it was fate, perhaps nothing at all

Sunday, 18 January 2015


An evil component of our minds.
Tells us that the past is somewhat better,
Than what we encounter today, you may find.

That isn't the case, however, 
Don't doubt the power of the mind, never.
It'll tell you all sorts,
Piling up unwanted thoughts.

So don't be mistaken, 
For it isn't what it means.
Don't be lured into that false trap,
Nostalgia isn't what it seems.